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This website was started because I wrote an adult oriented kind of novelty song called, "My Big Dog Dick" in 1990. Even though I have written other songs, "Dick" has been very popular and has dogged me ever since. It is one of Joe Diffie's favorite songs and he carries a copy with him everywhere or so his people tell me. Someone asked for the tab for "My Big Dog Dick". It should be here. You can download some of my songs at Sound Click dot Com. If there is a better site to upload your own music I haven't found it.

Guitar Building and Repair

I have also been learning to build and repair guitars and have had some good experiences so far except for Kelly Feeley (yeah, that's her name). Her guitar came out just fine but she didn't. So... Treat me good and I will treat you better - Treat me bad and I will treat you worse If you need a repair or set up let me know. A Stratocaster copy I built beat out an Eric Clapton Signature Series Fender Stratocaster according to those in attendance at Benny's that night. I was quite pleased... bob wyman


I have some info on Jorma Kaukonen (guitarist: Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna)If you are a fan there is something there you may love in the form of a recording I have of him in 1962. History. I Was Pleased That My Songs Which Are Available On The Internet Surpassed 37,000 Downloads/Plays as of August 25, 2007. I stopped checking in 2011. I had airplay on KSPN FM in Aspen Colorado with "The Ballad of Hunter S. Thompson". I also did an interview with the DJ via telephone. Jimi Hendrix Check out the page I have put together about the historic night I saw Jimi Hendrix at the Denver Pop Festival in 1969. It was the last concert Jimi played with The Experience, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding.

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This site built and maintained by Bob Wyman. Some items are ©Bob Wyman and I apologize in advance for everything if you are offended by anything. Plus I am surprised you are even down here reading this because I haven't even seen this yet! Bless you!

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