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Lloyd Maines and BW, Oct. 17 at Hillside Gardens
(click on the photo for the big shot)
Lloyd suggested we "look tough" for this photo, I think I failed... but Lloyd is just too cool.
Lloyd played that day with Terri Hendrix

Who is Lloyd Maines?
Lloyd is a premier pedal steel guitarist and music producer. Producing the likes of Butch Hancock, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Andy Wilkenson, The Texana Dames, Jerry Jeff Walker, The Lost Gonzo Band, Jimmy Collins, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Chris Wall, Richard Buckner, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Wayne Hancock, Robert Earl Keen to name a few.
He has performed with Joe Ely since 1977 and Jerry Jeff Walker on a regular basis. It was Jerry Jeff who said, "Praise the Lloyd!".
Lloyd's daughter is in a band called The Dixie Chicks.
Click Lloyd Maines for more info.
Lately Lloyd has been involved with Los Super Seven project.
Below you can listen to a sample of Lloyd on Joe Ely's "Live Shots" lp.
The song is called "Boxcars" written by Butch Hancock.
Lloyd plays a smokin' pedal steel dual lead with Jesse "Guitar" Taylor. I believe Jesse is playing a Gibson Les Paul guitar.

Click the "play" button to listen to Lloyd and Jesse


My name is Bob Wyman. I play guitar. I write some songs. You probably have not heard of me but you are reading this so maybe you have. No big deal either way.
My style of music might be called Americana since I have been influenced by a wide variety of American musicians from folk to rock. Or not. I like to employ a little old style country flare and southern rock in my songs and avoid anything "trendy", actually "trendy" avoids me. Sometimes I call it "Folky-Country-Rocky". I enjoy the music that eminates out of Texas such as Joe Ely, Robert Earl Keen and Jerry Jeff Walker. I won't even mention Dave Alvin (listen to his CD "Ashgrove") or Billy Joe Shaver or John Prine or Butch Hancock or Bruce Cockburn.

The cream of that crop is James McMurtry!

I am best known for a song I wrote called "My Big Dog Dick" (MBDD) and also for my cynical view of sarcasm.
My life can be best summed up in one word:"Almost", maybe.

Joe Diffie told me "MBDD" was his favorite song and carried a copy around with him wherever he went they told me. I was also his guest backstage for a couple shows. What fun to watch the pros work! I asked Joe if he was gonna record "MBDD" but he told me, "It's too risque for radio". (I thought I was finally gonna be "Big Time"). Joe has only about 11 CDs on the market, read on...
A little background on Joe:

Hits Include:

• "Third Rock from the Sun"
• “Home”
• “So Help Me Girl”
• “Ships That Don’t Come In”
• “Pickup Man”

Nominations Include:

• 1992 ACM - Nominated - Top New Male Vocalist
• 1992 TNN/Music City News - Nominated - Star of Tomorrow
• 1992 CMA - Nominated - Male Vocalist of the Year
• 1993 Grammy - Nominated - Best Vocal Collaboration - Duet with Mary Chapin Carpenter
• 1993 ACM - Nominated - Top Vocal Duet - with Mary Chapin Carpenter
• 1995 ACM - Nominated - Top Male Vocalist
• 1995 ACM - Nominated - Single Record of The Year - "Third Rock From the Sun"
• 1996 Radio - Nominated - Humanitarian of the Year

Awards Include:

1993 CMA - Awarded - Vocal Event - Duet with George Jones "I Don't Need Your Rocking Chair"
1997 Radio - Awarded - Humanitarian of the Year
1999 - Grammy - Vocal Collaboration - "Same Old Train"

Career Highlights:

1993 Grand Ole' Opry - Inducted - as the 71st member
Nine #1 Singles
3 Gold Albums
2 Platinum Albums
1 Double Platinum Album

Not too shabby...

So the bottom line: I was accepted and rejected at almost the same time! I thought only women could do that to me, but that is how talented Joe is. All kidding aside, Joe really is a talented and charitable man.
Hey Joe, let me know if you change your mind!

This is a note I got from the renowned cowboy poet, Baxter Black. This was when I called myself "The Fierce Cravin' Boys" (note available at this time)

This is Baxter Black,
we both lived in Brighton Colorado at one time.
Baxter is a great cowboy poet, writer, veternarian and humorist.
He makes me laugh and cry.
Read Baxter's poem,'Goodbye Old Man'

Here is the lateRick Danko and with me at my house.
What a treat to have this guy as a houseguest.
If every musician was as nice and could sing like this man could,
the world would be a much better place.
My wife, Nancy, took this photo and
made us sandwiches.

Roughing it in Buena Vista Colorado.

My 9th grade pal Greg (Marque) Coy. In 1980 he ended up working for Frank Zappa doing sound.
Frank even named a song after him; "Marqueson's Chicken". It is on Frank's "Them Or Us" CD.
I am envious to be sure but feel I am lucky to have lived
in such a colorful time in music history.
Marque recently quit working for Gail Zappa at The Zappa Institute of Technology, ZIT for short.

Greg took me to my first rock concert where we saw Jimi Hendrix do his last show with The Jimi Hendrix Experience in Denver on June 29, 1969.
I was almost 15 years old then but since I have been interviewed and published about my experience that night.
I ended up next to the stage while Jimi played and went backstage to watch as roadies carried Jimi off the stage and threw him physically into the back of a U-Haul truck.
Fans swarmed that truck and Mitch Mitchell, Jimi's drummer, actually thought they would be crushed from the weight.
I have started a page about that night here. Greg (Marque) says he still has his ticket.
The next gig Jimi Hendrix played was Woodstock in August 1969. Sadly, a year later Jimi was gone.

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