“My Big Dog Dick”     

Written by Bob Wyman ©1989

Key: Gmaj  Tempo=120
intro & verse
 |twice                                                             | once                                                                                  

 |----3---3---x---x---6----6---x----x                    |----3---3---3---3-----0--0--x--x--3--3----x---6----x----3

 |----3---3---8---8-- 6----6---5----5                  |----3---3---6---6-----1--1--3--3--3--3----8---6----5----3

 |----4---4---7---7---6----6---5----5                  |----4---4---4---4-----0--0--3--3--4--4----7---6----5----4

 |----5---5---6---6---5----5---4----4                  |----5---5---5---5-----2--2--2--2--5--5----6---5----4----5

 |----5---5---7---7---o----o---5----5                  |----5---5---5---5-----3--3--3--3--5--5----7---0----5----5

 |----3---3---0---0---5----5---x----x                   |----3---3---3---3-----x--x--x--x--3--3----0---5----x----3

---2---2---2---2---2----2----2----2---|--x---- x-----x---- x----x--- x----- x----x
---2---2---x---x--- 2----2---- x----x---|--7----7-----7----7----7---7-----7----7
---x---x---2---2--- x---- x----2----2---|--x---- x----- x----  x----x--- x-----x----x
----6---6---6---6--           5---       G chord twice C chord twice G chord twice D9 sustain repeat
----6---6---6---6--           5---
----6---6---6---6-- (4X)   5---
----5---5---5---5--           4---
----o---o---o---o--          5---
----5---5---5---5--           x---
 My Big Dog Dick
                  G                           E             A                 D

They say a man's best friend is his dog and I must agree

       G                    E                      A                  D

I always had on in my life and one time I had three

       G                    G7                       C7                   C9

But my dog is the greatest he makes other dogs look sick

       G                                 E             A             D                     G

You know you can always find me playin' with my big dog dick


                  B7        / / / /

My big dog dick
                     E       / / / /
My big dog dick
You just can't lick

D                        G / C / G D# D

My big dog dick

My big dog dick is my best friend     you know he's never bad

I wouldn't trade him for a million bucks       he's the best I ever had

I give him baths I brush his fur    he's always lookin' slick

My girlfriend says she likes me but she loves my big dog dick


I've had ol' dick for a lot of years        ever since he was this small

I've taken real good care of him       now he's big and tall

I always spend my time with him   I'm teachin' him new tricks

When my friends all come around      I show 'em my big dog dick


My big dog dick leads the way   in wind and rain and snow

He's always out in front of me       no matter where we go

He's not afraid to take the plunge     in the shallow or deep end

And if you see my big dog dick be sure and tell your friends

©1989 Bob Wyman